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Liberty Home Care of Niagara
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    is a big word for an even bigger concept. It emphasizes quality of life by easing or alleviating pain or symptoms of disease for people with chronic or life-threatening medical conditions. ASSISTANCE is the number one reason families seek Liberty care. This assistance could come in the form of physical help with the patient using home health aides, respite care for the primary care giver, and/or help with medical equipment to make everyone’s lives easier.

    is an integral component of Liberty care because home is where the heart is. Enveloped by the comfort of family in friendly surroundings, Liberty Home Care of Niagara provides service in the setting in which an individual is naturally more comfortable and most apt to respond well. Family and friends gain a sense of control and peace of mind because a wide range of health care services can be provided to the patient while families are taught how to help care for  their loved one.

    is what we’re all about. We’re Liberty Home Care of Niagara, specialists in comfort care. We earned our credentials because our staff has the benefit of specialized training in providing all types of home care service. We’re fully licensed, and unlike many other home care agencies, Liberty Home Care of Niagara accommodates all health care needs from service to equipment with ONE PHONE CALL (716-215-2085). You don’t have to worry about making arrangements or driving all over to locate services or supplies. We come to you, with expedited delivery in our own Liberty Home Care of Niagara vans.

    When in doubt, you can call for clarification. We accommodate anyone who has a chronic or life-threatening illness. Liberty Home Care of Niagara treats cancer and non-cancer diagnoses such as advanced lung disease, congestive heart failure, dementia, stroke, and more. MOST INSURANCE POLICIES COVER THE COST OF THESE SERVICES.

    Liberty Home Care of Niagara also addresses distressful symptoms such as agitation, anxiety, nausea, and shortness of breath with appropriate services and/or medical equipment to improve the patient’s comfort level.
    Liberty Home Care of Niagara consults with the individual, family and/or caregiver and the person’s own primary care physician to determine the most appropriate plan of care. The plan will be cost-effective and compatible with the patient’s lifestyle and environment. The primary care physician makes the referral, or if caregivers or family believe there are qualifying symptoms, they can request a referral from the primary care physician.

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